Stephen Greenblatt

Stephen Greenblatt has been one of the most distinctive and influential voices in the humanities for four decades.


Sanja Bogojević

Nils Klim Prize laureate 2016 is Sanja Bogojević, Senior Lecturer at Department of Law, Lund University


Rosenvilde Upper Secondary School

Iben Aarbakke from Rosenvilde Upper Secondary School was awarded the school prize first place in 2015.

Upcoming events

Monday 6. June 2016
Seminar with Sanja Bogojević, the Nils Klim Prize laureate 2016.
Holberg Prize Master Class with Marina Warner
Monday 6. June 2016
Stephen Greenblatt, Holberg Prize laureate 2016 in conversation with Nordic PhD students about the value of Origin Stories in human culture.
Universitetsaulaen i Bergen
Tuesday 7. June 2016
Symposium with Holberg Prize laureate 2016 Stephen Greenblatt and invited scholars.

News Holberg Prize

20 PhD candidated from all the five Nordic countries have applied to take part in the Masterclass with 2016 Holberg Laureate Stephen Greenblatt during this year's Holberg week June 6-9.

What are the paths and life events that have that led 2016 Holberg Laureate Professor Stephen Greenblatt to where he is today? Where will he go from here? How will the humanities survive the current crisis? Those are some of the questions Greenblatt answers in this exclusive interview.

News Nils Klim Prize

What can be done to obtain more Nils Klim nominations from Iceland? This was the topic for discussion at the recent Nils Klim event in Reykjavik.

Following the Nils Klim Committee meeting in Helsinki on 29 January, there was an event at the Norwegian Embassy, as a part of the “Evening at the Embassy” series. Here, scholars and experts gathered to discuss the extensive university sector budget cuts that are being implemented in Finland and other Nordic countries, and the consequences for young researchers in particular.